Image result for floral water paintHey all!

Its been a tremendously long time, that I have finally mustered the courage to let go off my potentially important but needed for “survival” work to sit here and write again. For myself.

As I tap on the various letters of this keyboard, I feel like I have reconnected with myself,something that had faded due to various life situations and the feel of this, is electrifying. 

Image result for floral water paintThis is for all my visitors, 
May this new phase around the sun, blossom you into a strong and understanding Being,so that you can outflow your force of nourishment to the nourishment of this World!

A Big hug and love to you. ❤








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Soaked in the perfume of sandal,The air shivers of her bodily scent,
Caressing her coal-black hair,He rests himself on her navel,
She is his “Haven”,
Her hymns of compassion,Is why he breathes in her breath out,
A fortune of realization dawns upon his wounded soul,
Reminiscing the light of love poured by her,
For his soulful tears start drizzling, 
The lightless night receives its gleam,From the realms of her tender aura,
He rises for a goodnight kiss,
Only to realize the celestial beauty she Is,One more time,
Her eyes held the universe of mauve,As her Cheeks yielded the crimson hue,
The thick lashes came from the land of prosperity,
While her velvet skin epitomized the nature of silk,
Breaking into a silly laugh,
He cuddles her face doting with emotions,
And kisses her warm plump lips,Joyfully believing they are only made for Him,
The nightingale greets by and croons the song of union,
His lady-love hugs him tight, 
With a gaze of eternal desire,
Of endless and selfless love,

He remembers this one more time,
For this one last night,
Cause it was his final night,
With her for the last time,
As he does every night,
Beside her photo,

every night. 









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They spoke of the “No man’s land”,
with frills of uncertainty,
Courage never made to their throbs,
To adventure the imperceptible,
Yet they gasped for its wisdom,
Hence, started my ride to the chance,
Using the stairs of  trepidation and scepticism,
Through the blows of a harlequin creation,
End of my Journey Greeted,
Unknown to my instinct,
It was the trap to a concrete faith,
The genesis of a paradise,
camouflaged itself as the land of ” No Man”,
Reflection of my self aborted to exist,
For granules of creator surpassed every width,
Contained in full veracity of my emotions,
I condemned the survival of my physical,
In full alert.
Where had I been ?
For my letters of invitation rusted in ignorance,
There is one for you as well,
Hunt before it rusts,
Come my folks,
For you shall know the painting by the divine. 





A winter sync.

Relaxing by the veranda,
In company of my green folks,
The soft winter breeze,
Swirls a fancy touch on the skin,
The luminous grace unrolls,
And pampers a luxury of warmth,
I witness the drizzle of the Amber hued leaves,
dancing its way down to the final fall,
Sweet chirping greets by,
As they hop in excitement on the balcony sill,
Kids shout sounds of glee,
As they bolt towards the playground,
While I reminisce my own image in their passion,
My silent sighting comes to an end,
For the bell of time and responsibility,
Strikes my sub-conscious,
You see,
 Nature chants a timeless sync,
 Of a meaning so desirable to the human sanctum,
Yet again,
“TIME” challenges “TIMELESS”. 






Ride Towards Purpose

“The goal of our lives is still not known and the interests along with the ambitions aren’t OUR TRUE purpose.”


Then what is our purpose?Well, Our only purpose is to perish this self,to become a non-existence self to the self itself.
If one attains to such a wisdom then it is the most abstract force of “Knowing” the structure of our only desire,being a giver with nothing in return.
I would like to ask ALL, have you ever noticed the vehemence of not wanting anything else but solely “the moment” in the juncture of a massive realization or wave driven euphoria? Yes. Probably, but not consciously. 
Well,such realizations always take place when we are at the peak of our Devotion or Compassion or Joy.  
The projection regarded here is that of the vision of our hearts,the chapters of our emotions,the affair with our lives. 
It is a tale of magic that our logic resorts to in the name of  “Self-(less)”. 
Because, A day would come when every individual will realize that we have descended as a seed of offering to life and there is actually nothing that we want to claim from life.
“Wanting” is just a confusion,be it a want for the immaterial or material,the rise and spread has only happened for never reaching the conclusion of the actual. 
Hence, Our purpose to us is our being of an offering, So offer yourself to every source in terms of inclusion and love because that is the only,

Stairway to Heaven.  


Claim;I've been passionately touched by Sadhguru's grace and that has unsealed a part of my inner realm which has bloomed into the art of writing that I'm capable of today. 
I wholeheartedly Bow 
down to him for showering his divinity on me. 



I am the resonance of Emotions,
This Soul,Heart and Mind are its loyal followers.
Logic is a joke in perception,
Always getting extinguished when in situation,
Me could be a healthy fool,
Bashes of insensitivity from folks,
Drips the blood of pain in this poor heart,
I give no return,
For I am the naive in spotted disguise,
Oh! how do I save you innocent Emotion?
The “MAN” is too careless as seen,
As for many,
takes only a Second to ravish the scene of “adore”,
To the conversion of “despise”,
I don’t,swearing on life,
The throb is too weak,
For such a selfish nature,
Loved & Favored has their throne,
Placed within the flowers of Sweet Care,In my very own tender abode,
While several of the related,Will remain in the Dark,
Of the visions of this being ME,
Even when the Breathe I wont own.









The Source and Destruction,
You are the essence of Creator,
Your Beauty is your fury,
Gracing the eyes by your divine Seduction.
The dance of your mighty postures,
Drools the emotions,
For the taste of your WISDOM.
Oh! Majestic Fire,
Let the explode of your Vehemence,
Culminate the sanctity,
In our Sanity. 




Fragments of this spirit,
Dispersed in the rhythm of your Melody,
This abode is a tale of grained Myths,
Belonging here,
Shall not evolve my Saga,
For my pulsating genesis is Beautiful, 
Strokes of orgasmic silence condenses,
This very seed,
Swerving For the passage,
Called the escape avenue,
Oh Lord!
Reality is such an Imposture,
Curtains of Simulation,
I put on Fire,
Where Am I?
Consumed by your Song of Ecstasy,
Freedom to gyrate on Cosmic Strings,
Is not my Fantasy.
Strike your chord of tune,
Shall I dissolve this mere Fount,
In your serene wave of Music.
This Orchestra of throbbing Vehemence
Is surely My home.




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A beating heart in everyone,
A goal of ambition in every mind,
A vision for luxury in every eye,
A conscience of mammoth ego in every soul,
Whether the path of Spiritual or Secular,
The Being of Flesh,
Is always a facile decoy,
To the Entrapment of self absorbed acuity. 




“The feeling that resonates more than just happiness can only be an essence of a realm that solely the throb knows about.”

There it was today, bursting with its mystical beauty while blossomed in the hues of a soft navy blue and an intense white. A moment of great gratitude and awe flowed down through me for the presence it had arrived with.

It all started from that day, when while crossing a pavement and exploring its side strip which consisted of a mini garden, my sight fell upon a fragile sapling hiding behind those long grasses and as the lover of the green world that I was, my only consequential reaction was to direct myself to investigate about the green mystery behind the blade like turfs. Upon being exposed to the hide and seek player, I realized that I could not let it stay where it grew since I was very sure of making my own small garden space, its brand new abode. 
“Perfect wide doe shaped leaves mirroring the graceful Bengali eyes and tone of the tender coconut. With a pretty and sleek structure, it stood in poise in the land of the turfs.”

Irrespective of the attachment I possess with plants, my range of knowledge in regards of their species is something that communicates a very diminutive scope and hence I had no clue as to the type of plant it was since the tenderness and exuberance it held was itself enough for me to welcome it home.
The pot was ready and the plant was on its journey to settle in its permanent house,later I realized that my father knew about this common plant, which was named as BUTTERFLY PEA, Cute! isn’t it?
He told me, it flowers either a white or a blue one and we weren’t really sure of its  futuristic plans.
Hence my butterfly pea’s life started to sprout in its new small pot with new friends. With her adding up,my hostel accommodation was getting filled up quickly. Eventually each day was turning as an exciting one for me,It was almost as if a baby had been born where you tend, play, talk  or just gaze at their joyful growth while you enjoy along. It made me feel contented to a point where my only concern relied with her needs,this was surprising for I wasn’t a discriminatory person. Well. At least not towards nature.

And Thus the events started,

I vocalize about this particular plant because it was for the first time that such kind of delicate flowering plant, I had uprooted. For which, its survival had a question mark. And with each passing day, we two greeted diverse situations and varied emotional exchanges. Sometime, days of absolute zeal would visit which could be perceived from the lustrous green tint of the leaves and sometime, days of weak wilting would drop by. The deal was entirely about handling a teenage plant striving to build a knowing for the “self”. So motivational speeches and doting verses would get showered on days of high and low along with candid chats for the common.
But when it was my turn of highs and lows,My butterfly pea clung onto me even during the span when my own mind turned against me, it used to sweep off my woes with the surge of its naive aura while it also became a partner to aid the ongoing of my glee.

This adorable offspring that I had brought was slowly rising towards the massive sky, braced by the wisdom of life trailing in its system. I do not know what being an owner of something seems like but being responsible to respond to another kind of response is a bit heavier than joy. The only aspect that mattered was to let her flourish to what she was, than to bestow her with generic branding of how she being a flowering life,would only have to thrive for so. Life happening is itself an elixir pouring all around,even if a plant is growing as per its designed configuration, it is as alive as any other creature and holds in more subtlety the chambers of emotions.
And here she grew through the filters of fierce and gentle domains of the mild greens.

One day,a tiny foreign member peeped from my lush butterfly pea.I jumped to probe. And….
Guess who it was?

It was a tight wrapped blue and white bud that my minimal granted to me on a fine day!
Usually flowers don’t descend so fast via such small plants unless one has some extra magical soil like the plant shop owners. 

So, the bud was growing for two days and on the third,it bloomed. The sight of it sparkling made it more wonderful along with the feeling that was oozing within me. How effortlessly can another life make its own creation seem as a product of your own creation? That which my minimal did for me. Witnessing the flower was as if I  had created something on my own,it was so vast that it felt like a celestial delight. 
 Every Living being resonate certain quality of emotions but most specifically plants are such, that if one invests a certain amount of time with them,they could conclude  that these folks aren’t just the green pigmented statues growing up but are much more of an elusive identity. 

 I wouldn’t be surprised if  my subject happens to be about sheer nonsense to most but every nonsense cannot be explained to rigid minds with only logical perspective.












My Edge


The desert that I walked upon,
Of rust and melancholy was my shelter,
Suffocation versed my breath,
The reflection of my destiny disgraced,
For the throb of a burdened doom gloomed,
And there I was,
On the broken edge of my own end,
Prepping for the final footstep,
But then you appeared,
And pleaded for my return,
With a skeptic approval,I agreed.
You glared at me with the most silent stare,
A journey began,
Paving the road along with you,
Through the filters of a confused faith.
Sometimes tight and sometimes loose,
There came a dead-end.
When Roads of the final division bloomed,
One to lead your mystic hand,
Another yet to define,
The jerk of an inner gong,
Chose to reverberate your sound,
My touch met yours,
And then it began,
A heavy rain of unheard clouds,
drenched this parched tree,
The scum of liabilities and torment,
surging off by its fierce flow,
I see the truth of me now,
Blasting me away from sanity,
Surrounding me with your Divinity,
The leaves of this tree Blossoms.
Relishing its thirst to unite with the melody,
of this paradise.

I see No more a me,
As I Disperse into a myriad wave of existence,
My system is in incredulity,
A fountain of realization,
begins the titanic torrent.

Not for the prescience of the unknown,
But Only for the wisdom I could grasp,
About you,
Oh my Beloved!
Forgive me,
For the taints and thickness.
You’ve been the sky of forgiveness,
And the sun of endearment,
Are you my moon of immunity?
For the grace of your light,
guides me through the dark tunnel,
Gates of your throne,
Has opened in my heart,
I surrender to you,
this SOUL,
For You’ve given the privilege,
To witness your Vision,
And now it should Frolic,














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Oh! Dear blue sky,
As I sight you,
My self craves to be YOU,
The colossal entity that you are,
Blasts the dance of emotions within,
They say heaven is above,
Sure it is,
For your purity of blue,
Can consecrate the realms of the physical,
With you over head,
How is the creator so tasteful?
To make an ecstatic scene,
Collaborating the companies of,
The tender greens,blond sunshine and the azure vastness?,
Oh!Dear Blue Sky,
Musings of my soul have stopped,
For they shall re-born,
If my flesh explodes into your Infinity. 




Nostalgia splashes itself as the clock strikes one at night,
The mind starts visiting the souvenirs of the olden,
Echoing the contents of glee and melancholy,
Come a long way now,
Though a many yearned by the heart,
Though a many cursed by the heart,
Eyes of the universe knows the deeds of mine, 
Only realizations stay with the self,
A breeze of the mauve night greets by,
The door of the boggling past shrinks now,
Past flowered the present,
Future awaits its radiance from that road,
Present embarks on,
For nostalgia is a cycle.






A day

Dearest Beloved,
My entirety had already bowed down to you,
Before I bloomed as a life,
A tale that only my heart knew,
Not the silly mind.
You were my river of contentment and ecstasy,
which never hindered flowing,
even when realms did us apart.

You were my creator,

Not by birth or nurture,

But,for the atoms of love you drenched me with.

Were you not a miracle?

Yes. Beyond a doubt.

The touch of your  embraces oozed simplicity,

Yet with an aura that could dissolve,

The word called fear.

Your eyes said not just you being an essence of humane,

But also gave the glance of you being,

A kid of the divine.

I’m sure many a soul,

Won’t know the true beauty of a smile that you owned.

For you ignited the meaning of an eternal together,

Towards any,

who came through the glance of yours.

But an unfortunate day came by,

When you became a living “was” from “is”,

My existence struggled to exist,

My beliefs struggled to breathe,

And I struggled to be a life.


It was wrong,

I was wrong,

For love had no death,

Just the way our cosmos didn’t .

So did you not.

Even if one day, I don’t belong with you.

My heart would.

Because you are my heart.








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Spirituality is not a concept or realm that articulates just about the creator or divinity or souls. 
What it speaks about truly is the CONSCIOUS SELF along with how we possess the uncertainty of an awareness, it’s like that of a fish caught by bare hands.
If your awareness is not extant then you could lose it with ease due to its vigor movements or commit something else to the want of your absent mind.
By preaching about “Awareness” I signify how being in accord of it, can just let one picture an ongoing of life the way it is meant than vision it in the most distorted imaginations. 
So spirituality first descends upon with the tincture of conscious choosing.

As one is always in a choice of choosing the conscious and unconscious whether in touch with the divine or the devil while the scope of playing the opposites rest as well. 


At the end

Image result for at the end

If at the end of the day,
LOVE and CLOSURE is what constitutes of and persists in your life,
irrespective of varied occurrences,
then you are LUCKY beyond your realizations. 


Imaginative Music

One should always have their own imagination in order to recognize the emotions that are striking with a song or some music.

The stereo system was switched on.

As the strings of the guitar got stroked,the beats starts to welcome itself in accord of it. 
And now I close my eyes swerving away inside the realm of my Imagination. 
The beats thump for a while,and as the guitar ounces out the soft acoustic flow to the music.
I see the lady,decked effortlessly in a contoured bright red silk gown.
She moves towards the black stage,the guitar synced in the resonance of sensuousness blend with dignity.
Her deep slit unveils the long lustrous thighs while her glossy pencil heels take forth big leaps to attain her destination.
She meets her man,wearing a black blazer on top of the white shirt beneath.
Displaying his manly half- Chest.
Their eyes dive into one another with a passion as rare and pure as that of a diamond.
They proceed to dance, thriving in an intensity as if they belong to each other.
He glides his hands softly around her small waist with  great astonishment and pride,
for the statuesque entirety that she possessed.
She settled her arms on his broad shoulder and looked on lovingly.
Swaying smoothly to the alluring music.
The guitarist knew his melody, 
as he declared the essence of tease and delectation.
Every string plucked, said how the guitarist was truly in love with his instrument.
The intonation was that like the waves of a deep driven ocean,
flowing in its own mellifluous rhythm,
Rising,Striving and surrendering itself to its own nature of surge.
 The couple rocked themselves through those seductive movements,
for they were in denial to miss any touch. 
As much as coquettish they played, their hearts reverberated an innocent love for each other.
 The guitar strummed such an expression that it intoxicated them in emotions and tenderness.
He held her delicate pristine face, that oozed forth a fierce and mild reflection together,
while thin strands of hair fell on her red lips.
She gazed at him. Wanting him to lose his grip now. 
His handsome and distinct face leaned towards her red lips.
They kissed.
As the guitar hummed in style and exuberance,they looked at each and strolled towards a dark exit.
While the singer starts singing,
My love is in league with the freeway
Its passion will ride, as the cities fly by
And the tail-lights dissolve, in the coming of night
And the questions in thousands take flight..









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“A society would engage towards maturity when there is a full acceptance of the mechanism of a human body and life.
The more one abstains the self from one’s natural being,Irrationality would suffice.”

Periods or Menstruation is one such topic which needs massive acknowledgement in every kind of civilization and human settlement. Why I say this is because,even though people are aware of it as just another process of living but consciously are very much still far away from accepting it as a “simple deal”.

I write mostly from a second and third person’s view but certain issues should be narrated purely from one’s own wisdom,hence I’ll be narrating from a first person’s perspective now.
So,yesterday evening while I was returning back from a place,I had stop at a pharmacy to buy some medicines. As I entered the shop,there was a full stack of sanitary napkins of various brands on top of the rack and funnily they looked very bright and appealing to me,if they hadn’t been the sanitary napkins I’m pretty sure people would’ve wanted to buy those just for the sake of how nice their packaging was.
And here was the truth, I had never ever gone to a pharmacy on my own to buy a sanitary pad. They were brought to me by my family or in emergency cases by the maid. Always either wrapped in a newspaper or a black polythene or lets just say secretively.

I stood there waiting for my medicines while the staffs searched but it ended as they did not have what I needed. So,I thought of fulfilling something that I had not done yet and that being my glorious action to get myself a self-bought sanitary pad that I hadn’t had the privilege to buy. So,instead I invested my money on a sanitary pad even though I did not have the requirement for it.( Breaking barriers for the self is always something that I’m game for.)
As I asked for it from one of the male staff, well that being the son of the owner of the store who was just maybe 2-3 yrs younger than what I was, glanced at me with his shy face of having to ask a girl the name of the pad brand she would like to purchase. And then I see him frantically searching for a black plastic bag to deliver my confidential parcel.
Of course so that the world does not know that I am or would be a flowing river of my menstruation for around a few days.
Though one was finally found,they wrapped in a way so that none in the world knew how I was carrying a disputed item.

This is a case that is everywhere. Every female in the form of a daughter,sister,mother and grandmother considering the closest to one’s relation, faces and had faced a certain magnitude of EMBARRASSMENT in having bought a sanitary napkin or being on her periods.  And this is exactly how sanitary pads are given to a woman as if it was inappropriate.
It is one of the most unfortunate situation considering that it is a universal mechanism of every woman on this planet.
This is not a subject of feminism that is being talked about, it is a basic topic that deals with the biological aspects of a human being of a certain gender which has profound scientific significance for its process and that which has garnered an extreme wrong outlook and is being further progressed into irrationalism.
Both the genders undergo changes after adolescence,one in respect of menstrual cycle and another in respect of semen production, combining  both would raise a new creation. Both of which is a cause of celebration, for both has the ability to create life.
But this subject deals with a kind of revulsion towards women by both men and women. I’ve seen how period stains were looked as a means of insult and derogation,I’ve seen how women were mocked about their moods during such phase and I’ve also seen the majority being insensitive to such a cause.

Then why is it so that only a woman has to face such incidents of being embarrassed of her change and not the man?
A large part of it has been because the way an idea got established as an outlook for the subject, as there has been a lack of understanding of the actuality dealing with the subject’s various components. And hence distorted conclusions were taken in.
While those conclusions were carried forth as the reality.
We have to understand that this is giving aid to an imprecise mentality among all and distancing the thought of equivalence between the genders.

I had similar discomfort and awkwardness when I was new to the occurrence and idea of such a development that had arrived in my life. But it had faded because consider me lucky but my family had always made me feel as if it was a boon to menstruate.
And it’s absolutely alright to take time to get accustomed to a state that was not a part of your life before.
To Every woman,
You should know this that your menstruation is one of the most important happenings in your life not only as you could be a creator and accommodate a new life inside but because it is a magnificent working of nature which is distinctly only yours and no other being can share it. It’s a celebration of the feminine.
To the womanhood,
Buying sanitary pads from men should not embarrass you anyway because it’s a natural phenomenon and its entirely your responsibility to respect and take care of whatever is happening to you.
Someone making you feel disgusted for what is happening as per the laws of nature is the one who is unsound in a sound environment.
Be proud when you carry your pad because every man and woman is here because a mother had utilised her menstrual cycle. 
Truth has knowledge and when knowledge is unknown you really don’t stand a place to exercise your illiterate conclusions for how others are deciding.
It is absolutely a disgrace to your own entirety if the existence of menstruation is projected as a substance of Shame,Burden,Taboo and Mockery irrespective of the gender description that you are.
Support yourself and the ones around you by spreading what is right as a life not as a society.
To the newbies,
Take your time to realize what is happening to you. This really does not send you to a state of being mature or having sex or ready for marriage or being a mother.
It simply shows how really you’re a product of the absolute feminine which is about how your qualities and entirety would be of a distinct nature.
Get involved with the system in yourself.
Share with anyone you are comfortable with. Don’t be nervous,we all go through it.
To the parents,family members,friends and strangers,
We all go through changes in regards of psychological and physiological. We need to start looking at life and it’s ongoing in a completely different attitude which I also know won’t be easy since, initiation is something which is not known easily.
But if you could realise that the incidents that occur everyday compared to the technology and century we live in, would absolutely want you to bring an end to this restrictive and illogical conclusions we are abiding by to maintain decency and well-being in our civilization which is unfortunately paving the incorrect road for both the meanings above.
So that is one of the reasons why menstruation and it’s components need to be handled sensibly because it carries a lot emotions.
As a family you should talk in an unbiased tone about such things to your kids even if you only have a son.
Make yourself knowledgable in respect of the importance of menstruation or just adolescence changes of an individual’s life.
Taboos and social norms should be the least of your concern though as there resides humiliation in this.
And as a stranger the least you could do is to be judgemental and un-supportive to someone who needs support. Don’t wait for someone to put forth their noble foot because nobody would.
To the Men,
You are a man who is made equally from the elements of your mother and father and that does not change because you have the physical representation of a Male. Also the same way a woman is made.
And when you carry both inside of you,there is a responsibility to both the sectors of a man and a woman. This is a wasted reality since nobody lives through such a thinking.
Periods is a procedure that a woman continuously goes through which brings in a lot of emotions,she demands nothing but cooperation,because society has perceived every system and sentiments of her in a granted way yet knowing how essential her well-being is to support the living.
A woman should not have to live her biological procedures and the maintenance of it with embarrassment and secret. And that also starts with how you as an individual is assisting. 
It’s completely alright to not know and behave for things that hasn’t been taught to you or that has arrived to you from the air of conclusions. But it is time as a father,son,brother and a friend that you at least know how to make someone comfortable even if that does not belong to your comprehension and that it is alright if it is not common within the thoughts of other people. 
Just start by knowing about the subject and then talk about it as a matter of discussion within your family and friends.
Disapprove any behaviour that can cause a situation of discomfort and humiliation. 
Let your family including your mother and sister know about your support to them so that they don’t have to have the scene of hiding. 
Stains of menstruation could seriously cause extreme anxiety and distress,if you see a situation don’t resist to help them irrespective of what your age and their age could be. 
Lastly even if you still wouldn’t know how to help or support,please don’t bring down a moment where your action could unease someone. There is enough exertions already to cause discontent,at least don’t enrol yourself for such.
See,accept it now or even after your seven births that the way a woman has been perceived is completely or half way wrong. A reason why her life has more of a “proving approach” than her gender counter part.
If brains are compared with the physical state or if a “NO” is taken as a “YES” then it’s already well sensed that who are the ones fooling around.

So you can either support or not support,
For yourself or for others. 







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If you have sensibility,
you would be walking a bumpy road,
whose end will be an abode of joy and pleasantness.





Related image

Being Lucky is not when one owns the Luxury of a material world,
When one is surrounded by the luxury of compassion and blessings.




Image result for mind chatterbox

Don’t search for peace, 
Cuz when the mind shuts it’s chatter,
Peace is a rightful domain of Yours.



beinG sLAVE


A philosopher is a slave of the word called OBSERVATION.




Image result for vision

Your observation towards every life and the existence,
Results in the making of yourself as a being. 





Image result for BURDENED

Everything becomes a Burden,when one does not see the “self” in it. 




Image result for peppermint leaves watercolor

I bought some peppermint leaves,
an essential ingredient to flavour my recipe,
for the guests were visiting.
As the leaves were washed,
there oozed the soft cool scent of it,
A perfect choice to invite the taste of nature.
Soon, my guests couldn’t stop raving of the preparation,
the essence of mint accentuated it right.
As they left,I glanced upon the leftover mints.
Took a bowl and filled water,
To put the rest inside of it for the purpose of reuse,
A Few days later,
My eyes fell on the bowl that had contained my mint leaves,
A thing I had forgotten.
To my delight and surprise,
As I looked closer.

Baby leaves bloomed while their elder pals grew lengthy with the root broadened and long.
There was just water,air and a bit of light,
And the life of my peppermint was thriving bright.
The thought of how a mechanism of complexity was recreating its entirety,
from the tools,that defines the meaning of utter simplicity constantly,
was exploding me with questions of the unknown.
How just the three elements,
Air,water and light engineered themselves as the,

Scent,Texture,Length,Color and absolutely many more differently as a whole plant.
Isn’t it a magic as for what was water could turn into an entirety of a plant?
A case of simplicity was aiding complexity,
The mint flourished to its peak from what was of a basic,
Should it be called a miracle or a feature of life that our material eyes fail to grasp?

I wondered,
if a plant could recognize such an intelligence and manoeuvre it to itself,

Then imagine the possibility,
A human consists of,
To convert its being from the usage of the basic,
Toward the abode of its ultimate.

Isn’t it a time now ,
To surrender the self to th
at kind?




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None remains to write,
None remains to say,
Remains only the boon to Experience,
When the realm of the unknown,






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“The failure to vision the naturalistic segments of life and it’s processes,would of course lead one towards the onset of a depraved and vicious intellect. “


Figure Yourself.


Learn from the Mistakes

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“Mistakes or being callous makes a scope for re-evaluation.”

Mistakes and Sins are not the same,the depth of them matters.
Sins are unacceptable and are of a grievous aspect.
But,mistakes occur mainly because of our own lack of awareness, which leads to a callous effect on the self and others.

The reason does not matter but it’s elimination and the takeaway you receive from it.
Everything reprises of a meaning,even if there’s something called No reason,know that it does. Everything happens for a reason,if you find it then know that’s great for you.

So, I availed a bus after my tuition to reach home,a typical problem with the bus conductors are that you have to constantly remind them of the place that you are supposed to get down to, which they don’t realize even after you stand right on the brink of the bus staircase and the swooping road(waiting for the conductor to coordinate his string bell with the driver). 
And today,yet again I had to do the same but as the bus slowed down while I thought it would stop,it instead started moving forward as the signal had turned green, so in order to not go any further I jumped right from the staircase to get down.
The hell it was so stupid of me to do so, the scene was very embarrassing where me being a neophyte tries to do a stunt of the expert clan,Fails and struggles from falling on the road while the confused heads from the bus looks on and when suddenly out of nowhere I start running towards the crossing (while I had nothing to catch)an excuse to run away from the stupidity and embarrassment I created for me. 
Most of the times I would fuss about these kind of situations for a whole day but instead what bloomed in my head,was a fact to learn something from the action I acted from an injudicious mind. An issue where I had forgotten about my safety.

What I want to say is, generally we perceive a MISTAKE to be an offence towards our personality,others or the subject. Which it is. 
Such a case can invite embarrassment,regret,tension,self-doubt,confusion,failure and many more. 
But we can always mend things for the better if we are willing to and build a barrier for hindering its occurrence. Making it a habit to vision mistakes as the search ground for a learning scope could naturally shape our minds to abolish the colonization of negative thoughts and callous behaviour  to head towards growing our qualities and self-knowledge extents rather than set in the heaviness of affliction.
All we have to do is focus on the area of our mistake.
If you become aware of your action then whether or not you shall repeat it will be determined on its own. 

Only when you learn that you did something wrong,it being realized is the ladder which would direct you towards a better knowledge about yourself which in turn would chalk out ways to end the wrong.Take your time because adopting something forcefully would not be helpful but accepting and looking forward to working it would escalate your outlook rather than bestow you with negative emotions.

It’s worth appreciating how we get these unlimited possibilities to learn not just from our mistakes but from the experience we garner.
Making mistakes and learning from it, is An insight towards self-enhancement itself.
Mistakes are wrong only when one continues the legacy but when there is a chance to rectify then why do you want to carry the heavy burden of guilt everywhere?
Don’t let yourself get doomed in that sorrow.
〉If you wish to heal a wound then you got to apply an ointment for cooling it,don’t think about the consequences or the level of success.
If you feel sorry for your mistake from within then go and undo your mistake.
If you think you could learn something from your callousness then dig deep and search for it,the “ON” button belongs to your finger.
If we constitute of a learning approach then breaking barriers to be a smooth ride for laborious roads won’t take too long.





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Faith is yet another tale of extra-ordinary unification for the absolute fulfilment of TRUST.



Thought for Impulsiveness

“Temptation,impulsiveness and Obsession are components of a cluttered knowledge that one keeps being a victim to,also making others their victim in the process.

The behaviour is simply because one hinders to envision the subjects through the approach of a well settled mind. The “settled mind”, being a state that we lack tremendously and in majority.

If we question the existence of such thoughts and actions without the indulgence of any notions,then realising that we are just fooling around with our emotions which we simply aid because we are surrounded by certain thesis,won’t take long.
This can only stop if one seeks of the logic and keep testing their resistance towards the matter while absorbing the truth of every working.
But, suppression is not the solution,it will only spread such irrationality like that of a third stage cancer.”



Thought for Judgement.

“Judgement is not more than just an opinion,which could both be conclusive and inconclusive as to the actuality of what the subject is.

At least,Don’t base your judging capabilities to the limited ideals of people preaching limitations to incite and maintain the word called BALANCE. “




The 7 day Project Towards You.

“Initiation towards anything is the major step to make something happen.”

A plant would not bud if the seed is not sown in the soil.
It does not matter whether the seed would generate the potency of life or how far the plant would survive but in order to make something happen,you need to take and place your first step for something to come alive.

We humans hate stagnation which could absolutely be towards anything as to what revolves around our lives while the natural urge is to think of ways to flourish better than what we are in the present moment.
Now,some of us may take the thought of betterment to the efforts of an initiation and some of us would still be stuck imagining the possibility of a reality, barricaded in the realms of unreality. 
Imagining and still trying to find conclusions is not wrong at all,imagination is a very powerful weapon to help one move towards the entirety they would want to be but the question is about, whether you are engaging the portion of a possibility acquired from your imagination to an initiation or not.

Nobody,just nobody including nature can do anything for what you want in your life if you don’t take the responsibility for the existence that you are.
Whether there is something that you want to change within or on the surface,
There would always be a chance to make it happen.

Don’t live with a heaviness of regret because,
If at all you are an owner of something then, that has to be the decisions you take. 

A plan is something that would at least initiate an effort towards the elimination of our lazy and confused states. So,here let us make it happen.
The seven-day plan would be a trial that we all could work towards to see if we can walk on the path which we aim for or we need to change the shoes for better accessibility.

DAY: 1 (Start Writing About the Description You are from within)
Please choose the first day when you realise that you are in a decently pleasant mood. 
A pleasant mood would help you to be in an unbiased state.
→Start by describing the person you are.
→Expressing the self could be a little hard and that is why you should write in order to express the undisclosed,
[write whatever you feel about yourself.]

→It does not matter if only two descriptions come from you. But write at least one. 
→And take your time to discover your nature,you perceiving the basic character of yourself is really important.
(it should also include your likes and dislikes)


Day: 2(Analyze your area of Interests and Distress)
On this day,after your engagements arre completed,

Open the medium where you had jotted down your description the previous day and start going through it. 

→If you realise,you want to add or less any of the adjective that does or doesn’t talk about you, then update so. 
⇒ After finishing, start jotting down the hobbies,talents and aims that you consist.
→Underline the ones that you would like to work upon the first. 

⇒ Then,jot down your area of distress,that could be anything relatable to;
Inability to express while speaking
Inability to play something
Inability to make friends
The way you look,
What you like but you don’t have the skills
Your physicality 
Being unable to fit in with the crowd
Your ideals
Sexuality and urges
Undisclosed matters of Sex
Your mistakes
Cravings for unhealthy food
Your abuse(if you have)
Financial problems
Someone you’ve a crush on or loved
Your questions about life and truth
and etc.}
→ You confiding your distress will help you seek the ability by which you can mend the problems.( The distress could be regarding anything, you hating vegetables or being uncomfortable with someone’s presence. )
→ Underline those which you want to work upon the first.

Day: 3(Preparation for the initiation)
This day,you will take in a separate sheet and write down the expectations you have for yourself,that you would like to witness on the 7th day of this mini trial.
(the assumptions of all that you had written about yourself on the previous 2 days)

→Prepare a time-table depicting your entire day which should include the time you would get up and the engagement timings for the entire week .(School/college/office/tuition/exercise/cooking/lunch/dinner/Games etc. Include everything that you do regularly everyday.
→Note out the time when you are generally free apart from the regular affairs.

→Then, take in an interest of yours that you would like to work for the week.
→Take in 3 distressed area that you would like to work and mend for the week.

→Next,Invest in the arrangements that you would require for the next day in order to give effect to the plan.(food,clothes,materials etc)

Then go through your whole plan for the next 4 days. Review the interests and distressed areas that you have taken up to be worked.
(Think of how you would operate those and if you need any assistance,go through the internet or draw out what your mind tells you irrespective of the way it is.)

→ Include everything in the time-table that you plan to start with from the 4th day on a separate sheet.
→Keep separate sheets everyday to chalk out the things you would do every next day.
(the changes that you include can be anything be it food habit,exercises,breaking a limitation,developing an interest,working on a project,spending time with people,eliminating wrong behaviour,etc)

→Now sleep early,to wake up early !!

DAY: 4(The day of initiating)
Today is the day. 
Your mind and body might say a sympathetic “No” to the very schedule and plan you made but listen to your heart and will. “It has a big production house of a YES.”

→After you are up and well conscious,go through the sheet to have a visual of what you have to do for the day.

→Start your day with what you’ve jotted in that sheet. 
“And the journey for the day starts…”
“The day comes to an end…”
→Now,is the time you view back the sheet for the feedback of the day.
→Go through it to find out the successful and unsuccessful attempts.
→If you have flops,don’t be disappointed because your flops indicates of you generating the initiation.                 
→Now keep a big smile and relax. 
→Prepare the sheet for the next day(5th Day) and go straight to bed.
[Days might not go the way it was planned mainly due to external situations,in such cases one should not leave alone the project because the external situations would itself be a learning episode from where one who gather better knowledge about the self and areas to be introduced or updated]

DAY: 5(Maintaining the Act)
On this day,
Run the schedule in respect of that day, reviewing the sheet. 
→Invest yourself in those working areas, through the extent of your emotions and other aspects.
→If you lose the trail,pick it up again. Start wherever you left. 

→When everything is completed,go through the sheet for the feedback. 
→Today,jot down the experiences and changes that you touched.
→If you haven’t witnessed any changes then just write about the experience for the day.(you can write to whatever your writing pace suggests you)
→Prepare the sheet for the next day(6th day) and the bed is ready.

DAY:6(Comparing your Studies)
→Once again you go through the sheet you prepared the previous day. Run it through the entire day.

{“Whatever happens,always know that if something has fallen then there is always a scope to pick the fallen. “}
→So,if you see not being able to aid the plan then don’t drop it. Just take sometime to settle yourself and start with the next task.
→If you can make sometime then take all the sheets together starting from the first one where you initiated from describing yourself. 
→Compare them after you’ve updated today’s changes and experiences. 
→Do you see a difference? If you want you can journal your thoughts or just experience it.
→Also,if you’ve anything to add or subtract to the interests or distressed areas then update your new findings.
→If you think there is scope where you’re comfortable to include any of the things that you had wished to work upon while making the list then you can do so too.
→If there are changes that aren’t suiting you,please point out as well.
→Prepare the sheet for the next day(7th day) and rest to bed.

Day: 7
The final day.
If you’ve reached till the 7th day then I can already visualize a big smile on your face while still being in the bed.
Also I give you my heartiest hug. You made it and that matters the most.

You can spend the routine and the plan in a very relaxed way today!
So,at the end of the day or whenever during the day when there is a lot of free and me time then sit in a comfy area and finally review and realise what all that you grasped during these seven days?
→Start with,how it feels to be on 7th day of the project?
→Compare your evolutions and experiences,it doesn’t matter how vast or tiny they were.
→If you did witness any positive or negative side, you didn’t know that existed.
→Have you been able to work upon your interests?
→Did you mend the problem areas? how did it feel encountering them? Did you lose scope to counter?
→Did you build any new distressed area or interest area?
→Did you experience something that you never thought of?
→Did this schedule and plan was able to bring any betterment in the lifestyle or within you? or it created a problem for you?
→These and the others that your mind questions can be answered by you only. If you intend to write down your learnings and knowledge you gained,then write so or you can imbibe these within so that you can build yourself up with the new research and aim for the other areas of YOU.

Remember you are on an effort to break hurdles and breaking a hard thing takes time.

If the project did benefit you minutely also, then see on how to continue with it through your way of creating your schedules,plans and list of  areas you intend to work upon for yourself. 
I’m not even an expert for the project that I created above but certain things like these have helped me,hence I  am more than happy if my small work could be of some help to the people.

If people reading this finds anything inappropriate or not ideal for the rest then please go ahead and notify for the fact that I don’t harm anyone unintentionally. 
We all at the end of the day, crave for a world of compassion and usefulness that we can be,let us make our lives and world one,
so that the fire of worthlessness and derogation can finally be put to rest.






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We tend to have dreams of our desires,wishes and about things we haven’t had the scope to touch yet.
Reveries and dreams become the only pathways to touch the untouched,the feel of which is as indescribable as just the dimension of the unknown.

But when the attainment of that unimaginable longing embeds as the reality which your touch can touch,there remains no exhilaration nor disbelief,
Remains,just the state of intense absorption of the inevitable moment that blooms in your freedom to accept. 




The touch.








The sync


You are a production of uniqueness.


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Individuality is an element of fascination which creates the possibility of a vibrant and dynamic world.

The way society has evolved to what it is today is an enough proof of how we all have shed what truly belongs to each one of us. That being the uniqueness of humane qualities.  
Qualities,that aids to deliver results of sensibility with a touch of compassion towards the self and every life that comes across,not just our own species but the very lives that contributes its essence for the cause of our breath.
Our human minds are designed in such a way that it incessantly is in a pursue to procure anything that seems to upgrade its eminence,this being something that we don’t utilize consciously.
And this also being the reason why there is so much of “imprinting the version of someone else”,the usage of which is causing the loss of self distinction while the work of our mind goes on in waste.
People unknowingly in order to establish the self in the jurisdiction of a modern livelihood are fading their individualism,something we seem to comfortably settle down to.
If one wants to grow and adapt something that has appeal then one should know the correct meaning of the “term” that they are trying to chase towards. This isn’t about what clothes or what accessories or how the other person looks better,it has more grain in the form of environment, peace,crimes,competition,education,jobs,luxury or just the very life we live that we are responsible for. 
Growing is an inward expansion because every process generates inwardly,the examples being the car that one is driving which only runs when the engine starts,the mango that you eat blooms as a fruit only because the inner engineering happens inside the system of the plant,the seasons that we come across during different months is because the nature cooperates its prospect, how two cell creates the embodiment of an entirety or the emotions we generate which is intangible while the lists to accumulate such examples will come short. 
You see all of it contributes the same that is,the completion of what they are but with the massive flow of uniqueness with the unity of their sum total.

But,the question being that how are we growing?

We humans are anyways a unique specie the nature has developed but we are also the owners of individualistic prominence that could create a society not limiting to just logic but benevolence,decency,equality and liberation from the physical and mental barriers towards the lowest of lowest categories existing.

If we want inspiration then there isn’t any fitter specimen than nature itself. 
Considering the fact that you’ve been to a forest or seen visuals or heard of it, then the first thing that one would relate to, would be the associates of the word “BEAUTIFUL”. 
But why is it beautiful is something we haven’t analysed vastly because we have been too much hypnotized by its magnificence.
It struck suddenly on me that every manifestation thriving inside the forest was beautiful not just for any other reason but very much because they carried the concept of beauty and appeal in the form of their own uniqueness. 
Every atom within the territory of the forestland amplifies in the flow of what consists within them,they forbid to attain any standards that is someone else’s property while adhering to the story of creation they themselves are individually.
Starting from just the plants,rivers,flowers and animals, a reason why the forestland is a dimension that vibes out the aura of profoundness and contentment.
A cause of its divine features. 

The climate of forest is what we too can instill within us,just that we have to accept the uniqueness that we are. 
Being the product of nature which has injected our features, it would be a living fact of our individual notability.
So don’t force feed yourself towards something that you are not through the frames of looks,education,job,status,popularity,friends or anything which your interests and emotions don’t belong to because everything that you contribute towards has a payback tale as well which is why your entirety should emit concern and involvement for the anything that you are choosing.
If one imparts the features of the self in the considerable production units then our world will be a living chronicle of happiness.
The initiation of the words above is the hardest but initiation is the immediate way that could make one shed societal distortions. 
Everything that your life is revolving around will narrate your tale of uniqueness but if you vision yourself into the shoes of the other, then being “an actual different” would not be your tale. Surely.
Sometimes the self and the situation honestly seems ugly but please do force a smile on that ugliness because if you smile,you’d see that it would change into a laugh which would make you realize that everything that you own is your just once.
Let yourself enjoy that moment.

If we are filled with the scope of understanding a requirement then we should make it a oppurtunity to be fulfilled because what we make now will be carried forward to the future and we have already seen how the past reaps have concluded it wrong. 
Let your flawed beauty be the cause to ignite your striking uniqueness.




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Hardships and failure are not really negative.
Its’s the trail Life uses for us to attain the right destination. 


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Creating is inevitable,
Keep giving Life to your CREATIVITY. 



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Don’t talk big,
Work Big.




Criticizing is easy,
Cleansing out the frustrations through,
the vents of disrupted emotions,
That, which I understand.
But is it so easy?
To spit on the contributions that I had made,
towards our lives,
 Even if those were the least that I could make?
The visuals make it seem plain,
And that is what you vision,
agreeing to its belief in your mind, 
You would never know the chaos,
which belongs to my regretful heart,
to still have not got a centimetre close,
towards the world of richness and compassion,
bestowed on me by you two,
To have the want of showering it back on you both.
My life is aimless and I being purposeless,
as told by you, is something I accept.
But ask yourself,Don’t you see my struggle?
To have daily wanted to lift my soul,
To have wanted to grace the world,
To have wanted to use my worth,
To have wanted to content our lives,
To have wanted to live my ideologies,
To have wanted to give back to the others,
To have just wanted to make you both proud?
But you still don’t feel it enough,
The fear and timidity that is instilled in me,
 which I’m incapable of uprooting.
I’m already grappling between the enormous waves,
of the life that I had paid to wrongly,
Won’t you come with your boat to lend a hand towards me?
Not to save me,
But to aid as the guard,
from the waves that could drown me,
For just the time being,
So that I don’t sit back inside your boat,
But as to take time for resting the limbs,
Refilling the vigour to race forward.
 Yet,you would still disown my offerings,
to the one defect that comes out.
It breaks my entirety.
Not because of you berating me,
for the faults I make,
But for how you diminish the value,
of whatever I can grant positively.
For it relives as a sign of great failure in me.
Berate me for all the negatives that I am,
don’t berate for a reason that I am not. 
It’s unjust.
Being the ones to grace my creation,
I put forth my head,
so low beneath your feet.
Yet,not withholding the voice,
of necessity.









The tide.

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“The same sea turns into a high tide and a low tide. So,it’s the same water that becomes both a high and a low,as what the situation brings upon.
And, life is none different than a tide that becomes both a low and a high.
While the human shape shifts into a low or a high,
according to the tide that life provides.”





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The above picture is a quote that caught my eyes recently while surfing the internet. At first,the thought felt fine but when the number of comments and likes the quote gathered struck me, I was pretty disappointed.
The quote tells the world on how a girl should not think of being beautiful, rather be anything else as because apparently “THEY” have said on how girls should become beautiful and outlook it as the topmost priority.

I agree.

That the way our society has evolved,people still try their last effort to acquire a physical beauty. Be it for their own self,partner or children. They seem not to release the arrow towards the board of physicality and reach something beyond it. I agree it to my last breath.

And the number of people in favour of the quote made me realise that there are so many souls that might have been a victim of such behaviour or whatever they do,they might have been ending up on these norms of corporeality. That is heart breaking. 

I truly feel lost and shattered on how our lives are being filled up with wrong notions that are celebrated by people who just see the world on a materialistic assumption.
And this is causing massive discouragement to people who truly are beautiful inside and outside but unexposed to the actuality of life and its true awards.

But just because some other people have set such boundaries, doesn’t mean that only these people exist. There are people,people who don’t think the same.I assure you. And I am one of them who visions the world of people beyond what their physical nature commutes.
You see,Being beautiful or owning something beautiful is a wonderful thing.
The dissension only lies when the aspect of it dominates wholly and solely on just a certain perception.

Just because someone else sneezes, doesn’t mean you too have to catch cold and sneeze along.

Being able to feel the writer’s emotion and the urge on how she wants to expel her grudge which she kept for long is something not less than any massive struggle.
The biggest struggle a human faces is what they feel inside, a war to fight of some conclusions they’ve gathered from the thoughts of other people about themselves.

One needs to see everything in a diverse way and believe me, such things are not to be institutionalised as these are something which rounds up naturally for a human through the senses of observing and understanding.

Anything that your mind finds a bit more pleasurable than the average by the means of its five senses, is related to the terminology of “BEAUTIFUL”, which simply means that it is an element of “being ecstatic and pleased”
“What we feel through the means of experiencing from the time we are able to touch our senses, we as humans have always been inclined towards anything that feels good within.
And this proves too in the above quote by the writer,where every quality which has been described has an element of beauty or pleasantness. 
Beautiful is a term that you should not run away from, if it doesn’t satisfy someone else’s opinion  just because you don’t possess such a quality in that field.

Instead embrace and use your qualities that like an intense highlighter on your cheeks! 
See it in a way when you’re off to a vacation,so many and such delightful places. 
But you might have one favourite place amongst the rest which may not be a very likeable place for another.
So,search for your own favourite places in your entirety rather make other’s favourites your own.

 Make your own standards.
Let’s admit a fact that the world will be a hypocrite embodiment of minds when as per their needs they would be favourable or unfavourable towards anything. 
So,the meaning matters not the concept.

It’s hard. Hard to abide and absorb something that requires bravery and acceptance. It’s hard for me too! even if I write like it’s all easy. But supporting each other is just like this,I would make it sound it all easy even if it’s not. The difference being only that I would try to indulge you into the correctness of the matter rather let you abandon it just because others shaped it wrong.


Comparisons will always stay and the more one has,the more they will brag or look down on others. But at the end, life is all about how you choose to fire up your crackers and celebrate your creation whichever way it is.
Because every individual is differently beautiful whose comparison none will have. 
Be an everyday cause of Beautiful.