The conundrum


” As the mind fiddles around with an unanswered questionare “

People are such adventurous beings of our life that the presence and the graph of their importance is always a laborious theory to assess.

Now, there are some people in our lives whose “worth” we consciously avoid to evaluate in dread of giving a way out to a kind emotion that can cause and arise false hope for the person causing an impairment to their emotional sphere. 

These people are an indispensable part in our life for whom we feel extremely concerned while emitting fondness towards them. It almost feels love when their untold absence makes us vulnerable,their acknowledgment for us makes us brimful of happiness and their existence and support in our life makes us feel worthy.

But,somewhere we stop this completion of love to just the being of “affection”. There is a reason for this and the actuality of such a controlled feeling can never be expressed through trivial grammar support,what we feel for the person turns as a question to our own concept of living life,the concept that builds our likes and dislikes and finally the concept of filling specific emotion-struck name seats in our life.

However,in such a situation what we consider the most is about the sentiment the person holds.  

Sentiment is like a newborn life,its delicate and potential but if manhandled then the effect would stay lifelong.

Hence,in order to guard their fragility the best we can do is to refrain from disclosing so that there is no “hope in the making”.

Their presence becomes a question of whether we are misusing them or just as a fondness for the time being.

In order to give a relation a name that matches with its nature we first need to analyse the feeling we hold for that person,as in for what purpose we really want them with us,do we feel empty and inactive while they are absent,what makes us happy because of them,how are they intending to be as a figure in our life,whether there is exchange of vibes at the same vehemence and exactly which position are we trying to fill for a person in our life. Therefore,all resultant conclusion will portray the worthiness and the seat we are trying to make them sit in for us.

This is not a topic of love yet it is a topic of unsaid love because when a bond goes on without a definition it wont be too late when it would lose the spark, as in such type of alliances the situation is like a dam structure where the mind acts as the dam which forbids the flow of emotion giving less effort to what is needed.

Love doesn’t come an inch close to logical  proposition but when one’s emotions are of extreme confusion and is dependent on various aspects of life then it is in the best interest that we examine the intensity we carry for the person rather than just storm up genuine lives.

Nobody deserves agony. Do the best of your emotional abilities. 




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Describing oneself is a tough job, you secretly have so many characteristics and potent that its hard to have a good knowledge of your true self! But talking about likes,dislikes, hobbies and passion I would say that I'm a philharmonic person and I don't know what would have happened to me if not the world in the absence of such a divine force! I'm also an avid photographer and have a luck in playing the piano!! There are so many things that inspires me all the time but the list is never to end! I always consider myself as a spiritual person rather than a religious one because all the religions are going to end up at only one place and that is where our CREATOR lies,just like all the rivers end up at the sea. This is the first time that I will be giving a shot in the writing skill's area, I firmly believe that you should not die regretting, that having a scope you did not have a taste of what you wanted to TRY.

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