The 7 day Project Towards You.

“Initiation towards anything is the major step to make something happen.”

A plant would not bud if the seed is not sown in the soil.
It does not matter whether the seed would generate the potency of life or how far the plant would survive but in order to make something happen,you need to take and place your first step for something to come alive.

We humans hate stagnation which could absolutely be towards anything as to what revolves around our lives while the natural urge is to think of ways to flourish better than what we are in the present moment.
Now,some of us may take the thought of betterment to the efforts of an initiation and some of us would still be stuck imagining the possibility of a reality, barricaded in the realms of unreality. 
Imagining and still trying to find conclusions is not wrong at all,imagination is a very powerful weapon to help one move towards the entirety they would want to be but the question is about, whether you are engaging the portion of a possibility acquired from your imagination to an initiation or not.

Nobody,just nobody including nature can do anything for what you want in your life if you don’t take the responsibility for the existence that you are.
Whether there is something that you want to change within or on the surface,
There would always be a chance to make it happen.

Don’t live with a heaviness of regret because,
If at all you are an owner of something then, that has to be the decisions you take. 

A plan is something that would at least initiate an effort towards the elimination of our lazy and confused states. So,here let us make it happen.
The seven-day plan would be a trial that we all could work towards to see if we can walk on the path which we aim for or we need to change the shoes for better accessibility.

DAY: 1 (Start Writing About the Description You are from within)
Please choose the first day when you realise that you are in a decently pleasant mood. 
A pleasant mood would help you to be in an unbiased state.
→Start by describing the person you are.
→Expressing the self could be a little hard and that is why you should write in order to express the undisclosed,
[write whatever you feel about yourself.]

→It does not matter if only two descriptions come from you. But write at least one. 
→And take your time to discover your nature,you perceiving the basic character of yourself is really important.
(it should also include your likes and dislikes)


Day: 2(Analyze your area of Interests and Distress)
On this day,after your engagements arre completed,

Open the medium where you had jotted down your description the previous day and start going through it. 

→If you realise,you want to add or less any of the adjective that does or doesn’t talk about you, then update so. 
⇒ After finishing, start jotting down the hobbies,talents and aims that you consist.
→Underline the ones that you would like to work upon the first. 

⇒ Then,jot down your area of distress,that could be anything relatable to;
Inability to express while speaking
Inability to play something
Inability to make friends
The way you look,
What you like but you don’t have the skills
Your physicality 
Being unable to fit in with the crowd
Your ideals
Sexuality and urges
Undisclosed matters of Sex
Your mistakes
Cravings for unhealthy food
Your abuse(if you have)
Financial problems
Someone you’ve a crush on or loved
Your questions about life and truth
and etc.}
→ You confiding your distress will help you seek the ability by which you can mend the problems.( The distress could be regarding anything, you hating vegetables or being uncomfortable with someone’s presence. )
→ Underline those which you want to work upon the first.

Day: 3(Preparation for the initiation)
This day,you will take in a separate sheet and write down the expectations you have for yourself,that you would like to witness on the 7th day of this mini trial.
(the assumptions of all that you had written about yourself on the previous 2 days)

→Prepare a time-table depicting your entire day which should include the time you would get up and the engagement timings for the entire week .(School/college/office/tuition/exercise/cooking/lunch/dinner/Games etc. Include everything that you do regularly everyday.
→Note out the time when you are generally free apart from the regular affairs.

→Then, take in an interest of yours that you would like to work for the week.
→Take in 3 distressed area that you would like to work and mend for the week.

→Next,Invest in the arrangements that you would require for the next day in order to give effect to the plan.(food,clothes,materials etc)

Then go through your whole plan for the next 4 days. Review the interests and distressed areas that you have taken up to be worked.
(Think of how you would operate those and if you need any assistance,go through the internet or draw out what your mind tells you irrespective of the way it is.)

→ Include everything in the time-table that you plan to start with from the 4th day on a separate sheet.
→Keep separate sheets everyday to chalk out the things you would do every next day.
(the changes that you include can be anything be it food habit,exercises,breaking a limitation,developing an interest,working on a project,spending time with people,eliminating wrong behaviour,etc)

→Now sleep early,to wake up early !!

DAY: 4(The day of initiating)
Today is the day. 
Your mind and body might say a sympathetic “No” to the very schedule and plan you made but listen to your heart and will. “It has a big production house of a YES.”

→After you are up and well conscious,go through the sheet to have a visual of what you have to do for the day.

→Start your day with what you’ve jotted in that sheet. 
“And the journey for the day starts…”
“The day comes to an end…”
→Now,is the time you view back the sheet for the feedback of the day.
→Go through it to find out the successful and unsuccessful attempts.
→If you have flops,don’t be disappointed because your flops indicates of you generating the initiation.                 
→Now keep a big smile and relax. 
→Prepare the sheet for the next day(5th Day) and go straight to bed.
[Days might not go the way it was planned mainly due to external situations,in such cases one should not leave alone the project because the external situations would itself be a learning episode from where one who gather better knowledge about the self and areas to be introduced or updated]

DAY: 5(Maintaining the Act)
On this day,
Run the schedule in respect of that day, reviewing the sheet. 
→Invest yourself in those working areas, through the extent of your emotions and other aspects.
→If you lose the trail,pick it up again. Start wherever you left. 

→When everything is completed,go through the sheet for the feedback. 
→Today,jot down the experiences and changes that you touched.
→If you haven’t witnessed any changes then just write about the experience for the day.(you can write to whatever your writing pace suggests you)
→Prepare the sheet for the next day(6th day) and the bed is ready.

DAY:6(Comparing your Studies)
→Once again you go through the sheet you prepared the previous day. Run it through the entire day.

{“Whatever happens,always know that if something has fallen then there is always a scope to pick the fallen. “}
→So,if you see not being able to aid the plan then don’t drop it. Just take sometime to settle yourself and start with the next task.
→If you can make sometime then take all the sheets together starting from the first one where you initiated from describing yourself. 
→Compare them after you’ve updated today’s changes and experiences. 
→Do you see a difference? If you want you can journal your thoughts or just experience it.
→Also,if you’ve anything to add or subtract to the interests or distressed areas then update your new findings.
→If you think there is scope where you’re comfortable to include any of the things that you had wished to work upon while making the list then you can do so too.
→If there are changes that aren’t suiting you,please point out as well.
→Prepare the sheet for the next day(7th day) and rest to bed.

Day: 7
The final day.
If you’ve reached till the 7th day then I can already visualize a big smile on your face while still being in the bed.
Also I give you my heartiest hug. You made it and that matters the most.

You can spend the routine and the plan in a very relaxed way today!
So,at the end of the day or whenever during the day when there is a lot of free and me time then sit in a comfy area and finally review and realise what all that you grasped during these seven days?
→Start with,how it feels to be on 7th day of the project?
→Compare your evolutions and experiences,it doesn’t matter how vast or tiny they were.
→If you did witness any positive or negative side, you didn’t know that existed.
→Have you been able to work upon your interests?
→Did you mend the problem areas? how did it feel encountering them? Did you lose scope to counter?
→Did you build any new distressed area or interest area?
→Did you experience something that you never thought of?
→Did this schedule and plan was able to bring any betterment in the lifestyle or within you? or it created a problem for you?
→These and the others that your mind questions can be answered by you only. If you intend to write down your learnings and knowledge you gained,then write so or you can imbibe these within so that you can build yourself up with the new research and aim for the other areas of YOU.

Remember you are on an effort to break hurdles and breaking a hard thing takes time.

If the project did benefit you minutely also, then see on how to continue with it through your way of creating your schedules,plans and list of  areas you intend to work upon for yourself. 
I’m not even an expert for the project that I created above but certain things like these have helped me,hence I  am more than happy if my small work could be of some help to the people.

If people reading this finds anything inappropriate or not ideal for the rest then please go ahead and notify for the fact that I don’t harm anyone unintentionally. 
We all at the end of the day, crave for a world of compassion and usefulness that we can be,let us make our lives and world one,
so that the fire of worthlessness and derogation can finally be put to rest.





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Describing oneself is a tough job, you secretly have so many characteristics and potent that its hard to have a good knowledge of your true self! But talking about likes,dislikes, hobbies and passion I would say that I'm a philharmonic person and I don't know what would have happened to me if not the world in the absence of such a divine force! I'm also an avid photographer and have a luck in playing the piano!! There are so many things that inspires me all the time but the list is never to end! I always consider myself as a spiritual person rather than a religious one because all the religions are going to end up at only one place and that is where our CREATOR lies,just like all the rivers end up at the sea. This is the first time that I will be giving a shot in the writing skill's area, I firmly believe that you should not die regretting, that having a scope you did not have a taste of what you wanted to TRY.

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