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“A society would engage towards maturity when there is a full acceptance of the mechanism of a human body and life.
The more one abstains the self from one’s natural being,Irrationality would suffice.”

Periods or Menstruation is one such topic which needs massive acknowledgement in every kind of civilization and human settlement. Why I say this is because,even though people are aware of it as just another process of living but consciously are very much still far away from accepting it as a “simple deal”.

I write mostly from a second and third person’s view but certain issues should be narrated purely from one’s own wisdom,hence I’ll be narrating from a first person’s perspective now.
So,yesterday evening while I was returning back from a place,I had stop at a pharmacy to buy some medicines. As I entered the shop,there was a full stack of sanitary napkins of various brands on top of the rack and funnily they looked very bright and appealing to me,if they hadn’t been the sanitary napkins I’m pretty sure people would’ve wanted to buy those just for the sake of how nice their packaging was.
And here was the truth, I had never ever gone to a pharmacy on my own to buy a sanitary pad. They were brought to me by my family or in emergency cases by the maid. Always either wrapped in a newspaper or a black polythene or lets just say secretively.

I stood there waiting for my medicines while the staffs searched but it ended as they did not have what I needed. So,I thought of fulfilling something that I had not done yet and that being my glorious action to get myself a self-bought sanitary pad that I hadn’t had the privilege to buy. So,instead I invested my money on a sanitary pad even though I did not have the requirement for it.( Breaking barriers for the self is always something that I’m game for.)
As I asked for it from one of the male staff, well that being the son of the owner of the store who was just maybe 2-3 yrs younger than what I was, glanced at me with his shy face of having to ask a girl the name of the pad brand she would like to purchase. And then I see him frantically searching for a black plastic bag to deliver my confidential parcel.
Of course so that the world does not know that I am or would be a flowing river of my menstruation for around a few days.
Though one was finally found,they wrapped in a way so that none in the world knew how I was carrying a disputed item.

This is a case that is everywhere. Every female in the form of a daughter,sister,mother and grandmother considering the closest to one’s relation, faces and had faced a certain magnitude of EMBARRASSMENT in having bought a sanitary napkin or being on her periods.  And this is exactly how sanitary pads are given to a woman as if it was inappropriate.
It is one of the most unfortunate situation considering that it is a universal mechanism of every woman on this planet.
This is not a subject of feminism that is being talked about, it is a basic topic that deals with the biological aspects of a human being of a certain gender which has profound scientific significance for its process and that which has garnered an extreme wrong outlook and is being further progressed into irrationalism.
Both the genders undergo changes after adolescence,one in respect of menstrual cycle and another in respect of semen production, combining  both would raise a new creation. Both of which is a cause of celebration, for both has the ability to create life.
But this subject deals with a kind of revulsion towards women by both men and women. I’ve seen how period stains were looked as a means of insult and derogation,I’ve seen how women were mocked about their moods during such phase and I’ve also seen the majority being insensitive to such a cause.

Then why is it so that only a woman has to face such incidents of being embarrassed of her change and not the man?
A large part of it has been because the way an idea got established as an outlook for the subject, as there has been a lack of understanding of the actuality dealing with the subject’s various components. And hence distorted conclusions were taken in.
While those conclusions were carried forth as the reality.
We have to understand that this is giving aid to an imprecise mentality among all and distancing the thought of equivalence between the genders.

I had similar discomfort and awkwardness when I was new to the occurrence and idea of such a development that had arrived in my life. But it had faded because consider me lucky but my family had always made me feel as if it was a boon to menstruate.
And it’s absolutely alright to take time to get accustomed to a state that was not a part of your life before.
To Every woman,
You should know this that your menstruation is one of the most important happenings in your life not only as you could be a creator and accommodate a new life inside but because it is a magnificent working of nature which is distinctly only yours and no other being can share it. It’s a celebration of the feminine.
To the womanhood,
Buying sanitary pads from men should not embarrass you anyway because it’s a natural phenomenon and its entirely your responsibility to respect and take care of whatever is happening to you.
Someone making you feel disgusted for what is happening as per the laws of nature is the one who is unsound in a sound environment.
Be proud when you carry your pad because every man and woman is here because a mother had utilised her menstrual cycle. 
Truth has knowledge and when knowledge is unknown you really don’t stand a place to exercise your illiterate conclusions for how others are deciding.
It is absolutely a disgrace to your own entirety if the existence of menstruation is projected as a substance of Shame,Burden,Taboo and Mockery irrespective of the gender description that you are.
Support yourself and the ones around you by spreading what is right as a life not as a society.
To the newbies,
Take your time to realize what is happening to you. This really does not send you to a state of being mature or having sex or ready for marriage or being a mother.
It simply shows how really you’re a product of the absolute feminine which is about how your qualities and entirety would be of a distinct nature.
Get involved with the system in yourself.
Share with anyone you are comfortable with. Don’t be nervous,we all go through it.
To the parents,family members,friends and strangers,
We all go through changes in regards of psychological and physiological. We need to start looking at life and it’s ongoing in a completely different attitude which I also know won’t be easy since, initiation is something which is not known easily.
But if you could realise that the incidents that occur everyday compared to the technology and century we live in, would absolutely want you to bring an end to this restrictive and illogical conclusions we are abiding by to maintain decency and well-being in our civilization which is unfortunately paving the incorrect road for both the meanings above.
So that is one of the reasons why menstruation and it’s components need to be handled sensibly because it carries a lot emotions.
As a family you should talk in an unbiased tone about such things to your kids even if you only have a son.
Make yourself knowledgable in respect of the importance of menstruation or just adolescence changes of an individual’s life.
Taboos and social norms should be the least of your concern though as there resides humiliation in this.
And as a stranger the least you could do is to be judgemental and un-supportive to someone who needs support. Don’t wait for someone to put forth their noble foot because nobody would.
To the Men,
You are a man who is made equally from the elements of your mother and father and that does not change because you have the physical representation of a Male. Also the same way a woman is made.
And when you carry both inside of you,there is a responsibility to both the sectors of a man and a woman. This is a wasted reality since nobody lives through such a thinking.
Periods is a procedure that a woman continuously goes through which brings in a lot of emotions,she demands nothing but cooperation,because society has perceived every system and sentiments of her in a granted way yet knowing how essential her well-being is to support the living.
A woman should not have to live her biological procedures and the maintenance of it with embarrassment and secret. And that also starts with how you as an individual is assisting. 
It’s completely alright to not know and behave for things that hasn’t been taught to you or that has arrived to you from the air of conclusions. But it is time as a father,son,brother and a friend that you at least know how to make someone comfortable even if that does not belong to your comprehension and that it is alright if it is not common within the thoughts of other people. 
Just start by knowing about the subject and then talk about it as a matter of discussion within your family and friends.
Disapprove any behaviour that can cause a situation of discomfort and humiliation. 
Let your family including your mother and sister know about your support to them so that they don’t have to have the scene of hiding. 
Stains of menstruation could seriously cause extreme anxiety and distress,if you see a situation don’t resist to help them irrespective of what your age and their age could be. 
Lastly even if you still wouldn’t know how to help or support,please don’t bring down a moment where your action could unease someone. There is enough exertions already to cause discontent,at least don’t enrol yourself for such.
See,accept it now or even after your seven births that the way a woman has been perceived is completely or half way wrong. A reason why her life has more of a “proving approach” than her gender counter part.
If brains are compared with the physical state or if a “NO” is taken as a “YES” then it’s already well sensed that who are the ones fooling around.

So you can either support or not support,
For yourself or for others. 






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Describing oneself is a tough job, you secretly have so many characteristics and potent that its hard to have a good knowledge of your true self! But talking about likes,dislikes, hobbies and passion I would say that I'm a philharmonic person and I don't know what would have happened to me if not the world in the absence of such a divine force! I'm also an avid photographer and have a luck in playing the piano!! There are so many things that inspires me all the time but the list is never to end! I always consider myself as a spiritual person rather than a religious one because all the religions are going to end up at only one place and that is where our CREATOR lies,just like all the rivers end up at the sea. This is the first time that I will be giving a shot in the writing skill's area, I firmly believe that you should not die regretting, that having a scope you did not have a taste of what you wanted to TRY.

4 thoughts on “Pad.”

  1. It’s rooted deep within the mind and society. Although time has changed and the release of PadMan and upbringing of various events has allowed women to accept norms. I believe it will need some time for the women first to accept ourself, our body, and the normalities of period. Many woman are even ashamed to talk about it. Hoping for a better word.
    Nice words up there.

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    1. True,it’s just that when a subject is talked about between people even if that makes of just two people,a limitation gets broken. If even few of us have the knowledge of what is actual and what is a mere conclusion then it’s definitely a part of our responsibility to excercise our knowledge to whomever we might be able to reach. 🙂

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