Imaginative Music

One should always have their own imagination in order to recognize the emotions that are striking with a song or some music.

The stereo system was switched on.

As the strings of the guitar got stroked,the beats starts to welcome itself in accord of it. 
And now I close my eyes swerving away inside the realm of my Imagination. 
The beats thump for a while,and as the guitar ounces out the soft acoustic flow to the music.
I see the lady,decked effortlessly in a contoured bright red silk gown.
She moves towards the black stage,the guitar synced in the resonance of sensuousness blend with dignity.
Her deep slit unveils the long lustrous thighs while her glossy pencil heels take forth big leaps to attain her destination.
She meets her man,wearing a black blazer on top of the white shirt beneath.
Displaying his manly half- Chest.
Their eyes dive into one another with a passion as rare and pure as that of a diamond.
They proceed to dance, thriving in an intensity as if they belong to each other.
He glides his hands softly around her small waist with  great astonishment and pride,
for the statuesque entirety that she possessed.
She settled her arms on his broad shoulder and looked on lovingly.
Swaying smoothly to the alluring music.
The guitarist knew his melody, 
as he declared the essence of tease and delectation.
Every string plucked, said how the guitarist was truly in love with his instrument.
The intonation was that like the waves of a deep driven ocean,
flowing in its own mellifluous rhythm,
Rising,Striving and surrendering itself to its own nature of surge.
 The couple rocked themselves through those seductive movements,
for they were in denial to miss any touch. 
As much as coquettish they played, their hearts reverberated an innocent love for each other.
 The guitar strummed such an expression that it intoxicated them in emotions and tenderness.
He held her delicate pristine face, that oozed forth a fierce and mild reflection together,
while thin strands of hair fell on her red lips.
She gazed at him. Wanting him to lose his grip now. 
His handsome and distinct face leaned towards her red lips.
They kissed.
As the guitar hummed in style and exuberance,they looked at each and strolled towards a dark exit.
While the singer starts singing,
My love is in league with the freeway
Its passion will ride, as the cities fly by
And the tail-lights dissolve, in the coming of night
And the questions in thousands take flight..









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Describing oneself is a tough job, you secretly have so many characteristics and potent that its hard to have a good knowledge of your true self! But talking about likes,dislikes, hobbies and passion I would say that I'm a philharmonic person and I don't know what would have happened to me if not the world in the absence of such a divine force! I'm also an avid photographer and have a luck in playing the piano!! There are so many things that inspires me all the time but the list is never to end! I always consider myself as a spiritual person rather than a religious one because all the religions are going to end up at only one place and that is where our CREATOR lies,just like all the rivers end up at the sea. This is the first time that I will be giving a shot in the writing skill's area, I firmly believe that you should not die regretting, that having a scope you did not have a taste of what you wanted to TRY.

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