I am the resonance of Emotions,
This Soul,Heart and Mind are its loyal followers.
Logic is a joke in perception,
Always getting extinguished when in situation,
Me could be a healthy fool,
Bashes of insensitivity from folks,
Drips the blood of pain in this poor heart,
I give no return,
For I am the naive in spotted disguise,
Oh! how do I save you innocent Emotion?
The “MAN” is too careless as seen,
As for many,
takes only a Second to ravish the scene of “adore”,
To the conversion of “despise”,
I don’t,swearing on life,
The throb is too weak,
For such a selfish nature,
Loved & Favored has their throne,
Placed within the flowers of Sweet Care,In my very own tender abode,
While several of the related,Will remain in the Dark,
Of the visions of this being ME,
Even when the Breathe I wont own.






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Describing oneself is a tough job, you secretly have so many characteristics and potent that its hard to have a good knowledge of your true self! But talking about likes,dislikes, hobbies and passion I would say that I'm a philharmonic person and I don't know what would have happened to me if not the world in the absence of such a divine force! I'm also an avid photographer and have a luck in playing the piano!! There are so many things that inspires me all the time but the list is never to end! I always consider myself as a spiritual person rather than a religious one because all the religions are going to end up at only one place and that is where our CREATOR lies,just like all the rivers end up at the sea. This is the first time that I will be giving a shot in the writing skill's area, I firmly believe that you should not die regretting, that having a scope you did not have a taste of what you wanted to TRY.

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