Ride Towards Purpose

“The goal of our lives is still not known and the interests along with the ambitions aren’t OUR TRUE purpose.”


Then what is our purpose?Well, Our only purpose is to perish this self,to become a non-existence self to the self itself.
If one attains to such a wisdom then it is the most abstract force of “Knowing” the structure of our only desire,being a giver with nothing in return.
I would like to ask ALL, have you ever noticed the vehemence of not wanting anything else but solely “the moment” in the juncture of a massive realization or wave driven euphoria? Yes. Probably, but not consciously. 
Well,such realizations always take place when we are at the peak of our Devotion or Compassion or Joy.  
The projection regarded here is that of the vision of our hearts,the chapters of our emotions,the affair with our lives. 
It is a tale of magic that our logic resorts to in the name of  “Self-(less)”. 
Because, A day would come when every individual will realize that we have descended as a seed of offering to life and there is actually nothing that we want to claim from life.
“Wanting” is just a confusion,be it a want for the immaterial or material,the rise and spread has only happened for never reaching the conclusion of the actual. 
Hence, Our purpose to us is our being of an offering, So offer yourself to every source in terms of inclusion and love because that is the only,

Stairway to Heaven.  


Claim;I've been passionately touched by Sadhguru's grace and that has unsealed a part of my inner realm which has bloomed into the art of writing that I'm capable of today. 
I wholeheartedly Bow 
down to him for showering his divinity on me. 

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Describing oneself is a tough job, you secretly have so many characteristics and potent that its hard to have a good knowledge of your true self! But talking about likes,dislikes, hobbies and passion I would say that I'm a philharmonic person and I don't know what would have happened to me if not the world in the absence of such a divine force! I'm also an avid photographer and have a luck in playing the piano!! There are so many things that inspires me all the time but the list is never to end! I always consider myself as a spiritual person rather than a religious one because all the religions are going to end up at only one place and that is where our CREATOR lies,just like all the rivers end up at the sea. This is the first time that I will be giving a shot in the writing skill's area, I firmly believe that you should not die regretting, that having a scope you did not have a taste of what you wanted to TRY.

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