Image result for floral water paintHey all!

Its been a tremendously long time, that I have finally mustered the courage to let go off my potentially important but needed for “survival” work to sit here and write again. For myself.

As I tap on the various letters of this keyboard, I feel like I have reconnected with myself,something that had faded due to various life situations and the feel of this, is electrifying. 

Image result for floral water paintThis is for all my visitors, 
May this new phase around the sun, blossom you into a strong and understanding Being,so that you can outflow your force of nourishment to the nourishment of this World!

A Big hug and love to you. ❤








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Soaked in the perfume of sandal,The air shivers of her bodily scent,
Caressing her coal-black hair,He rests himself on her navel,
She is his “Haven”,
Her hymns of compassion,Is why he breathes in her breath out,
A fortune of realization dawns upon his wounded soul,
Reminiscing the light of love poured by her,
For his soulful tears start drizzling, 
The lightless night receives its gleam,From the realms of her tender aura,
He rises for a goodnight kiss,
Only to realize the celestial beauty she Is,One more time,
Her eyes held the universe of mauve,As her Cheeks yielded the crimson hue,
The thick lashes came from the land of prosperity,
While her velvet skin epitomized the nature of silk,
Breaking into a silly laugh,
He cuddles her face doting with emotions,
And kisses her warm plump lips,Joyfully believing they are only made for Him,
The nightingale greets by and croons the song of union,
His lady-love hugs him tight, 
With a gaze of eternal desire,
Of endless and selfless love,

He remembers this one more time,
For this one last night,
Cause it was his final night,
With her for the last time,
As he does every night,
Beside her photo,

every night. 









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They spoke of the “No man’s land”,
with frills of uncertainty,
Courage never made to their throbs,
To adventure the imperceptible,
Yet they gasped for its wisdom,
Hence, started my ride to the chance,
Using the stairs of  trepidation and scepticism,
Through the blows of a harlequin creation,
End of my Journey Greeted,
Unknown to my instinct,
It was the trap to a concrete faith,
The genesis of a paradise,
camouflaged itself as the land of ” No Man”,
Reflection of my self aborted to exist,
For granules of creator surpassed every width,
Contained in full veracity of my emotions,
I condemned the survival of my physical,
In full alert.
Where had I been ?
For my letters of invitation rusted in ignorance,
There is one for you as well,
Hunt before it rusts,
Come my folks,
For you shall know the painting by the divine. 





A winter sync.

Relaxing by the veranda,
In company of my green folks,
The soft winter breeze,
Swirls a fancy touch on the skin,
The luminous grace unrolls,
And pampers a luxury of warmth,
I witness the drizzle of the Amber hued leaves,
dancing its way down to the final fall,
Sweet chirping greets by,
As they hop in excitement on the balcony sill,
Kids shout sounds of glee,
As they bolt towards the playground,
While I reminisce my own image in their passion,
My silent sighting comes to an end,
For the bell of time and responsibility,
Strikes my sub-conscious,
You see,
 Nature chants a timeless sync,
 Of a meaning so desirable to the human sanctum,
Yet again,
“TIME” challenges “TIMELESS”. 






Ride Towards Purpose

“The goal of our lives is still not known and the interests along with the ambitions aren’t OUR TRUE purpose.”


Then what is our purpose?Well, Our only purpose is to perish this self,to become a non-existence self to the self itself.
If one attains to such a wisdom then it is the most abstract force of “Knowing” the structure of our only desire,being a giver with nothing in return.
I would like to ask ALL, have you ever noticed the vehemence of not wanting anything else but solely “the moment” in the juncture of a massive realization or wave driven euphoria? Yes. Probably, but not consciously. 
Well,such realizations always take place when we are at the peak of our Devotion or Compassion or Joy.  
The projection regarded here is that of the vision of our hearts,the chapters of our emotions,the affair with our lives. 
It is a tale of magic that our logic resorts to in the name of  “Self-(less)”. 
Because, A day would come when every individual will realize that we have descended as a seed of offering to life and there is actually nothing that we want to claim from life.
“Wanting” is just a confusion,be it a want for the immaterial or material,the rise and spread has only happened for never reaching the conclusion of the actual. 
Hence, Our purpose to us is our being of an offering, So offer yourself to every source in terms of inclusion and love because that is the only,

Stairway to Heaven.  


Claim;I've been passionately touched by Sadhguru's grace and that has unsealed a part of my inner realm which has bloomed into the art of writing that I'm capable of today. 
I wholeheartedly Bow 
down to him for showering his divinity on me.