“They say that she is better at housework and delicacy,but her achievements claim she is boundless.”



9“In a world full of “self-proclaimed intellectuals“, the true intellectualism lies with the “self-proclaimed dunce“.


My First blog post

Miracles happen and happens very often but sometimes the effect is microscopic and sometimes enourmous in our lives. It is the very reason we still manage to stay joyful amidst the difficult and tormenting days,it’s an additional oxygen cylinder for the survival of our emotions and healthy mindsets.

And my life changed due to one such Miracle,that being the ability to express and scribble down my ocean of emotions. My life would be a stagnant still lake had this miracle didn’t take shape,for it included an “extra” to the ordinary in my life.

The ability to sensate each atom at its depth and to be able to share it amongst every other soul is a possibility to crave.

My Gift from nature defined not just my life but also the person I was for the gift feels like that of a childless mother finally being blessed with the child.

For me “writing” is my child”.