The Principle


“Life has its own set of  elemental principles,that surrounds and questions us about our own set of principles.”

On the basis of psychological studies,a human mind is said to act differently in different stages with the same kind of encounters met earlier. This is an interesting concept as why an individual would act differently to a similar situation during different stages of life. 

Maybe because life is always playing clever tricks to confuse us against our own set of ethics of dealing life and treating ourselves to get the final outcome of what we truly believe in.

It’s almost like,when one prefers having limited known Facebook friends but changes the opinion of adding more friends be it unknown after encountering 300 likes on another friend’s profile picture. So this is where one is judging oneself on the basis of materialism, it’s also about promising not to have pastries after the sight of a bloated belly but the perception immediately changes when a family member keeps the cake box in front of the person.

No matter what we follow,believe in and promise to,the vibes around will always make us question about our faith,probity and dignity against the thesis of life we follow.The vibes will go on testing our principles till a situation occurs where we would stick to what we adhere to, but in the meantime it will also reveal the morality of the subject.

And this is the reason why an individual acts divergent all the time,because we all are confused between “what we carry inside” and “what we believe in”,thus evincing what makes us different.

The solution lies not in “self-control” but “losing self-control ” in order to let go off everything and feel the bits of subconsciousness to the goals of recognizing true self and the principles one can truly follow.




Long Tailed Widowbird.jpg

“An individual is always curious  about the unknown,but the depth of this curiosity is best judged by an individual’s perception of the mind or the eyes.”




“The Stage and the Option”


“Maturity is an art and the logical apprehension to  balance out the best psychological input and outcome.”

People say that as we grow up,our mind and emotions automatically climb the ladder of  “being in control”.

Yes, definitely because growing up involves in getting aware of various situations of our livelihood and being attuned by the complex fields of knowledge,and in that way  we build our responses and behave accordingly. But there plays a different role for being able to respond to the situations correctly or in a way that is effective psychologically,for which a person cannot be labelled as being a “MATURED PERSON”. This is because people tend to address maturity as a stage from where one cannot return back being the “IMMATURE”,this is very much of a wrong perception as maturity shall be considered as an “OPTION” used to face  diverse encounters in our lives to get the maximum benefit with resolution on both the sides. The one with a sensible mind can choose to go with the flow of  either  the burst of emotional approach or make use of the experienced mind and be called “MATURED”. Therefore there is nothing as such of the age barriers regulated by the society who preach that age is the cause of maturity,the solution lies in tackling and limiting emotional turmoils and using the grey cells for a joyful journey with a mind that can grasp the best of nature and people.





“They say that she is better at housework and delicacy,but her achievements claim she is boundless.”



9“In a world full of “self-proclaimed intellectuals“, the true intellectualism lies with the “self-proclaimed dunce“.


The Gift


“The Earth,our home is an abode of mysteries,that if we try to dig out will take more than a lifetime to get the truth known.”

Now, what does a gift mean ?

It can be either materialistic or  non-materialistic, there is nothing in between.

A gift to a human being has a very great meaning if we take the non materialistic version of a gift. Every human being living in this planet is gifted, not a single individual takes birth without being granted with such an ability that sets them apart from each other.

 TALENT is what we generally term as the gift in our life, and it gets a brighter meaning when we get to realise the hidden quality in us because that becomes our weapon and the ultimate recognition during our journey.

A gift,talent or skill whatever we may name it,shall not be compared for competition for ranking someone’s ability. It is of immense blessing and love from the creator that we are given unlimited boons in our life, we should try to understand that comparing the degree of ones’s talent is a human made aspect,it is because people tend to look for those resources which will suit as per their living and surrounding  standards,we only tend to use that part which we have gathered from the knowledge spread across but all such things don’t play a part in estimating the inner creativity and strength. All the living beings are at the same constant level with unknown diverse gifts filled within,just that it is incomparable on the out-worldly aspect and comparable to our worldly aspect .

Can a bird and a cat be compared in terms of their bodily mechanisms?

  Then how can the beauty of a peacock and lion be compared?

              Search for the ultimate TRUTH.

My First blog post

Miracles happen and happens very often but sometimes the effect is microscopic and sometimes enourmous in our lives. It is the very reason we still manage to stay joyful amidst the difficult and tormenting days,it’s an additional oxygen cylinder for the survival of our emotions and healthy mindsets.

And my life changed due to one such Miracle,that being the ability to express and scribble down my ocean of emotions. My life would be a stagnant still lake had this miracle didn’t take shape,for it included an “extra” to the ordinary in my life.

The ability to sensate each atom at its depth and to be able to share it amongst every other soul is a possibility to crave.

My Gift from nature defined not just my life but also the person I was for the gift feels like that of a childless mother finally being blessed with the child.

For me “writing” is my child”.